A missing wife. A twisted plan. A heart-stopping revelation.

John Whitmore’s (John McGlothlin) world is turned upside down when he wakes one morning to find that his wife, Anne (Juliana Harkavy Dolphin Tale, The Walking Dead, Graceland), has been kidnapped. A mysterious recording left in her place demands that John contact a man named David (Ford D’Aprix), who is to escort Whitmore to a cabin deep within the woods. The voice assures John that if he follows the plan exactly, he will be reunited with Anne in exchange for his life savings.

After making the call, the men set out for the cabin in a rusted RV. Night falls and John begins to question not only those involved, but his own sanity as well. It becomes clear that he must take a stand to save his wife…and quite possibly himself.

Told through fragments of the past which shatter the present, Dusk explores the darkest recesses of the mind as John attempts to survive a night of chaos, deceit and paranoia, culminating with a twist that will leave audiences picking up the pieces long after the final credits roll.

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